Duration: 1 Day
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16 Mar 2024 - 16 Mar 2024KILPAUK, CHENNAI - Physical class only7.00 to 17.0014900Rs
20 Apr 2024 - 20 Apr 2024KILPAUK, CHENNAI - Physical class only7.00 to 17.0014900Rs
18 May 2024 - 18 May 2024KILPAUK, CHENNAI - Physical class only7.00 to 17.0014900Rs
15 Jun 2024 - 15 Jun 2024KILPAUK, CHENNAI - Physical class only7.00 to 17.0014900Rs


  • Those undertaking this training must have completed Fire Prevention and Fire fighting (Section A-VI/1-2 of STCW) or be in the process of completing it or similar training acceptable to the MCA
  • Non-Indian Participants need to hold a Student Visa to India to undergo the course


Documents Required

  • Basic FPFF(Any Administration approved by MCA),
  • CDC
  • Passport
  • Stamp/Passport size photo in formals

The above certificates can be merged and uploaded on the HIMT Student Portal. 


Tanker Fire Fighting - As per MCA MNTB Guidelines:
Outcome: The learner knows how to carry out fire fighting operations on board tankers
(oil, chemical, liquefied gas).

Learning objectives:

  • Describe typical tanker fire response and fire fighting organization and
  • procedures, including:
    • Fire control plans and equipment location;
    • Team make-up and leadership;
    • PPE requirements and dressing for firefighting;
    • Equipment being ready for immediate use;
    • Use of equipment within a fire team;
    • Communication methods and their limitations.
  • Identify the special hazards associated with cargo handling and transportation of
  • hazardous and noxious liquids and liquefied gases in bulk.
  • Carry out the initial actions on discovering a fire.
  • Describe the correct fire-fighting agents used to extinguish oil, chemical and
  • liquefied gas fires.
  • Describe the use of fixed deck fire-fighting equipment including dry powder and foam.
  • Demonstrate, as a team member, use of the deck foam monitor and use of a deck dry
  • powder installation.
  • Demonstrate and use portable fire-fighting foam equipment.
  • Describe spill containment in relation to fire-fighting operations.

Batch dates are tentative depending on the minimum number of participants  

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