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All Engineers whose Coc are issued in compliance to STCW 2010 will not need to undergo a 11 days course again. As per DGS Engineering circular 143 of 2018, you need to just undergo a THREE (3) days Refresher & updating course for Engineers (REO) and refresher course for AFF, PSCRB & MFA EVERY 5 YEARS to have your Coc Revalidated.

Refresher and Updating course for Revalidation of Certificate of Competency (holding STCW 2010 COC ) is scheduled during 1st and 2nd Thursday of every month. Duration of the course is 3 days and course fee for the same is Rs.6,900/-.

In addition to the above course the following courses are mandatory to be completed by all the seafarers to comply with STCW 2010 requirements.

1. RPSCRB – Refresher training for Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (Includes PST) -1 Day course – Fees Rs.5900/- (Scheduled Every Tuesday)

2. RAFF – Refresher training in Advanced Fire Fighting – (Includes FPFF) – 1 Day course – Fees Rs.5900/- (Scheduled Every Wednesday)

3. RMFA – Refresher training for Medical First Aid – 1 day- Fees Rs.2900/- ( Scheduled Every Monday)

In short HIMT Provides a package of all the Refresher courses , whereby, a candidate joining for their Refresher and Updating course for Revalidation of Certificate of Competency could complete back to back the other refresher courses.

Attractive Discounted Package: We do offer a special discount on the fees for those candidates undertaking all the above courses on one go that is (REO+RPSCRB+RAFF+RMFA), would be offered a discount on the total course fees and the discounted package fees would be Rs.19,900/-.

Eligibility :
This course is applicable to all those Engineer Officers (Operational level and Management Level) whose CoC have already been issued in compliance with STCW 2010 amendments and aspiring to revalidate their CoC. Such engineer officers have to satisfactorily complete the three days training course in refresher and updating training course for revalidation in a DGS approved institute conducting the course. Further if such training course was completed within 6 months prior to the date of expiry of CoC then the validity of that CoC can be extended for a period of five years from the date of the expiry of CoC.

Candidates undergoing the Refresher Training for PSCRB/AFF/PST/FPFF need to produce valid medicals from a DGS approved doctor. Alternatively, the same could be arranged by the Institute doctor atleast one day prior to the course.

Boiler suits and Safety shoes are mandatory for the above courses, which are purely practical oriented, whereby, candidates are requested to bring their own shoes and boiler suits. At the same institute provides the same complimentary subject to availability.