Background And Growth Of HIMT Group

"The corner stone of success..." as education is called has played a vital role in the success of an individual. This in turn has created many generations of intellectuals and professionals. There are few individuals and institutions who act as catalysts to create this change. One such institution is Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training(HIMT).

HIMT was established in 1998 by a Merchant Navy Chief Engineer. HIMT is the training hub of India and offers a wide range of courses right from pre-sea training courses for officers and ratings, through senior officer certificates of competency and advanced courses for all ranks of Merchant Navy. HIMT also provides courses dedicated to the offshore oil and gas industry and specialized Value added courses for ongoing professional development of seagoing personnel and shore-based staff.

Candidates joining HIMT for one course have repeatedly chosen HIMT for other courses periodically even after having become the Master / Chief Engineer of a ship. HIMT is successfully carrying out its commitment to impart quality training at the most competitive fees and in a span of about 20 years HIMT has trained more than 2,51,000 candidates in various courses. HIMT represents the highest overall value in terms of location, Infrastructure facilities, aesthetic interiors with World Class facilities and above all delivers Quality Education and Services to the candidates by competent, dedicated faculty and staff.

HIMT has been rated "outstanding" (SMERA Grade 1) for all its courses by an authorized rating agency appointed by Government of India. The grading exercise was carried out by a team of experts who have done an extensive comparison of all the training facilities and awarded highest rating having been impressed by World Class training standards of HIMT, which is now the benchmark for all the other Institutes.

HIMT Institutions are the outcome of Mr. Sanjeev S.Vakil’s ardent desire to give back to the society that nurtured him. Mr. Sanjeev S.Vakil, a pioneer in the field of Maritime Education and Training founded Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training (HIMT) which is today an acknowledged leader in the Shipping world.

As the CEO of HIMT, Mr. Sanjeev S.Vakil has played a pivotal role in the rise of India as a formidable power in Maritime Education and Training. His commitment to professional excellence and global quality is today a benchmark for other Maritime Training Institutes in India.

HIMT is an outcome of the vision and initiative of Mr. Vakil. It only follows that the institution reflects the ideals of its Founder and seeks to achieve excellence in maritime education and Training.

Mr. Sanjeev S. Vakil, an alumnus from the 1990 batch of Mechanical Engineering from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering recently conferred "Distinguished Alumnus Award" for his professional achievements, contribution to the society.

Vision Statement:

To impart quality education in the marine sector and nurture the interest of the mariners through various formal / non formal methods by providing a platform where knowledge is effectively dispensed to all seekers in a congenial atmosphere.

Mission Statement:

To produce the best mariners in the World who, will respect and protect the environment, and are competent enough to succeed in this industry in all required aspects by encouraging them to question, explore, and discover to produce competency from within.

Founder’s Message to the student’s best exemplifies the Vision of HIMT Institutions:

“It is the responsibility of the industry to come forward and empower academic institutions so that students get the right opportunities to succeed in the global mainstream. HIMT Institutions are the realization of my personal dream.”

“The founding vision of HIMT College springs from a belief that there is a lot of young talent here in India. With good stewardship and encouragement, they can rise to the highest levels globally in technology and leadership.

Our elegant HIMT campus is conducive to serious academics and vibrant extra-curricular activities. It is our constant endeavor to bring to HIMT College, the best in technology and infrastructure, as we progress towards accomplishing our vision of being a center of excellence.

Dear students, you have many roles to play. You are the nation-builders. You are the movers of technology. You are the agents of change. It is our fervent hope that the years that you spend in HIMT would enable you to be sophisticated users of technology and equip you with leadership skills. The knowledge that you will gain, the fine qualities that you will imbibe and the technical skills that you will learn to apply will be your major contribution to your parents, to society, and to the nation.

I, as the weaver of a dream, urge you, the members of the techno-generation of India, to explore the world of technology, scale the heights of creativity and innovation, and above all, to transform your learning experience to become exemplary human beings. There are strong challenges to great effort but, always remember, great effort bears the sweet fruit of success.”

Following is a glimpse of HIMT’s journey over the past 21 years:

1998 - Approved by DG Shipping on September 24, 1998, leading to the birth of HIMT

1999 - FPFF, PST course and tanker familiarization courses commenced

2000 - Started competency course, and advanced courses for oil/chemical and gas tankers offered

2001 - Started revalidation course for Masters and Simulator courses commenced

2002 - India's largest maritime institute in terms of number of courses approved by DG Shipping

2003 - Pre-Sea training courses commenced, based on requests from shipping companies

2004 - First institute in India to be graded GRADE 1 - Outstanding, by DGS approved ICRA

2007 - Winner of the "Exemplary Personal Achievement" Award by Sailor Today

2008 - Finalist at the Lloyd List Asia Award in the category "Education & Training" at Singapore

2010 - Winner of Sea trade Award 2010, Presented by former Secretary General of IMO.

2011 - Ranked Outstanding - GRADE 1 , for all courses again. DG Shipping and IMU Approval for B.Tech (Marine), GME, DME, and B.Sc. Nautical Science courses

2013 - Shipping Minister presents an Award for Excellence in Maritime Education & Training at World Shipping Forum 2013

2013 - World's First Institute with a record breaking 40 distinct courses certified by a single IACS Classification - Bureau VERITAS.

2015 - HIMT awarded "Gateway Awards 2015" for "Excellence Maritime Education".

2016 - Seafarers Choice awards for the Best Maritime Institute for Competency courses & Value added courses (South & East India) by Offing.

2017 – Started "Dynamic Positioning (DP) courses" on Latest Kongsberg Simulator, accredited by Nautical Institute, UK.

2017 - HIMT has been awarded DNV-GL Standard for Certification of “Maritime Training Providers” in addition to ISO 9001:2015 by BV.

2017 - Finalist in the category "Education and Training" at TMS Awards, Dubai.

2018 - Winner of Offing Indian Seafarers Choice Awards for the BEST MARITIME TRAINING INSTITUTE (SOUTH & EAST) in Value Added courses

2018 - Maintaining the record of being India's Largest Maritime Institute in terms of numbers of courses approved by DGS for over 15 years

2018 – Started offering MCA Courses

2019 – Mr Sanjeev S Vakil honoured with VIBHUSHANAWARD (Treasure of Shipping Award) for his exemplary contribution to the Maritime Industry in the field of "Maritime Leadership" at Marex Kashti Awards 2019 in New Delhi.

2019 – Winner in the category "Education and Training" at TMS Awards, Dubai.

HIMT has received or has been nominated for at least one International or National award every year for the past 12 years in the category of Maritime Education & Training.

Since its inception in 1998, HIMT has had a steady flow of trainees & candidates undergoing various courses. Being a premier Maritime college located in heart of Chennai, HIMT has had a steady clientele of budding and aspiring seafarers. Faculty is the greatest strength for success of an educational institution. HIMT has more vast strength of permanent faculty including senior Master Mariners and Chief Engineers from the Merchant Navy. The Faculty retention rate has been very high. Almost all those faculty who joined HIMT at the time of inception of the Institute are still associated with HIMT justifying their commitment. The institute is manned by very experienced marine faculty, instructors and staff.

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