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As per DGS order 40 of 2020, RFPFF, RAFF, RMFA virtual classes have been converted to physical/blended training. As the certificates for the above are getting generated for 5 years now instead of 18 months MTI’s have been directed to conduct compulsory practicals as per DGS SOP in 1/3rd batch capacity. The certificates for RPSCRB, RPST alone will be for 18 months till the time swimming pools are allowed to be opened, so virtual training alone is sufficient for those courses.

All candidates need to undergo practical’s for RAFF, RFPFF, RMFA in addition to the virtual training of about 2 hours for each course. We have opened multiple dates & slots for completing your practical’s, which you can select through our booking portal, under the section Refresher and Revalidation courses. We have options for you to complete the RFPFF+ RAFF + RMFA practical’s on the same day, after having completed the virtual classes for all the above courses on separate days. Kindly note that there is No Quarantine and No E-Pass required, for those candidates who intend to visit Chennai to complete their practical’s.

There were few who had not completed their e-learning or exit exams even after having completed the course long back, and thus their certificates will also be generated for 5 years after completing their practicals at HIMT. There are no options available currently for generating the 18 months certificate or convert existing 18 months certificates to 5 years.

There are candidates who might not be able to travel long distances, and thus, Management has decided to refund 100% of course fees to those who have not commenced their Virtual training at HIMT and also refund 50% to those who have completed the virtual training, but their certificates have not been generated. However, there is no provision for withdrawal of your name once the certificate is generated with a 5-year validity, but awaiting the Authorized signatories.

Those who wish to cancel your course and apply for 100% refund of course fees are requested to fill up the google form on or before 30th January 2021 through the following link failing which the refund policy after deductions will be applicable.

We have also received feedbacks that few MTI’s have been issuing 5 years validity digital certificates without conducting the practical’s, and this could become a serious issue in the future, as DGS clearly has instructed to conduct the practical’s in case the certificates are for 5 years and as proof of the practical’s being conducted there are video recordings of the practical’s and CAS (Centralized Attendance System) of the candidates. We hereby appeal to kindly take note of the above and undergo the course with practical’s at any MTI of your choice but avoid receiving certificates from MTI’s issuing 5 years validity certificates without practical’s, as this would put you in problem in future. There were around 4000 seafarers who were caught red-handed and DGS had blocked their INDos and thus please don’t risk your career by falling prey to such unethical practices.

We value your relationship and regret the inconvenience caused due to the above changes. However, we appreciate the proactive efforts taken by the Directorate, in the interest of seafarers and the industry, and thus kindly be a part of the solution, so that we all together retain the image of India in the global market.

Please feel free to contact us at for any assistance.