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Saravanavel N 3/E

Fresh water and Sea water line leakages, pump glands leakages led to the bilge alarm coming at considerable intervals. Engineers used to pump it out through OWS. Some times this alarm was disturbing and while going for lunch and other breaks, the engineers used put off the alarm. They used to continue pumping when they come down to ER. It so happened on one occasion, that the alarm was continuously coming. All were busy with ME work, hence to avoid the alarm, the alarm was put off and at frequent intervals one of the engineers used to go and pump out.

On this particular occasion, engineer in charge of duty was 2/E, and he had forgotten to pump out at the said intervals, hence the water accumulation in the bilges raised and entered the sump through the leaky gasket of the sounding pipe. On inspection for the increase in the ingress of water, it was found that the valve for the filling of HT expansion tank was kept partially open and was forgotten. The water overflowed into the bilges and with the already existing SW leakages, the level rose considerably. The LO sump was transferred to LO settling tank, and it took considerable time for cleaning the sump, and the LO was renewed. The ship’s departure got delayed and the company had to loose on ‘off Hire’.