What is STCW?
That is International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers.
What are the eligibility criteria to do STCW course?
They should have at least appeared for their 10th std exam and should be able to read and write ENGLISH language and should be holding a passport.
Is it a must we should do the entire course by order?
No. there is no order to do this course; based on the availability we can choose.
Was there any Practical class in any of the course?
Yes, for PST the student need to go to Swimming Pool for the practical, and  either he can rent the boiler suit or he can use his own, for FPFF the student need to go to Kalpakkam and other two where theories.
What is RIG course all about?
Its a combination of STCW and HUET
What kind of role they need to play after completing TFC/CTF/LGTF course?
Successful completion of this course should enable candidates to serve on  Oil/Chemical/Gas Tankers in a capacity other than Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer or 2nd Engineer, and to perform specific duties and responsibilities related to those duties in connection with cargo and cargo equipment provided that they are not immediately responsible for the loading, discharging, care in transit or handling of cargo
Is there difference between DCE and other tanker course?
No, both are tanker course only.
What are the eligibility criteria to do AFF course?
Fire Prevention and Basic Fire Fighting (FPFF) course must have been completed. Key personnel who may have to control Fire Fighting operations, sea time of at  least 6 months and should hold Medical fitness certificate in ILO format.
What are the eligibility criteria to do MFA course?
Elementary First Aid (EFA) course must have been completed and must having 6 months sea service with approved Pre-sea Training
What are the eligibility criteria to do PSCRB course?
Prior experience as Officers, Cadets and Ratings having 12 months sea service  (or) 6 months sea service with approved Pre-sea Training. (Proof of sea service required) or he/she should have completed the Personal Survival Techniques (PST) with the Medical fitness certificate in ILO format is needed
IF a student having a foreign COC and he want to do the advance course, will he be allowed to do?
Yes, he can
What is RANSCO?
This course aims to prepare a student to make efficient and effective use of radar as a navigational aid in congested, confined waters, recognise potential threats and make valid navigational and collision avoidance decisions in compliance of COLREGS. Further, on successful completion of this the student of this course would attain ability to plan, organise and manage a bridge team. This course will also provide ability to respond to, co- ordinate and execute a search and rescue operation.
What is the eligibility factor to do RANSCO?
Certificate of Competency issued under Reg. II/1 or II/1 (NCV) of the STCW?95 and should also hold Radar Observation Simulator Course Certificate and ARPA Course Certificate
What is GMDSS?
The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is an internationally agreed-upon set of safety procedures, types of equipment, and communication protocols used to increase safety and make it easier to rescue distressed ships, boats and aircraft. Recreational vessels do not need to comply with GMDSS radio carriage requirements, but will increasingly use the Digital Selective Calling (DSC) VHF radios. Offshore vessels may elect to equip themselves further. Vessels under 300 Gross tonnage (GT) are not subject to GMDSS requirements.
What is the eligibility factor to do GMDSS?
The eligibility is 10 +2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (or) Cadets intending to attend for 2nd Mates examination (or) Nautical Officer holding COC (or) Radio Officer with Certificate of Proficiency
Candidate has done 12th in 2004, whether he is eligible to do GMDSS. Is there any age limit.
No, there is no age limit for GMDSS Course.
If any student failed in GMDSS, is there a possibility to write the exam again?
Yes, the fees that he would have to pay for re-appearing would be extra  Maximum thrice he could re-appear for the GMDSS exams
If a candidate is cadet with 9months sea service. Can he do GMDSS course?
He can do GMDSS course if he is 12th pass with Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
What is ARPA?
Marine radar with automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA) capability can create tracks using radar contacts. The system can calculate the tracked object's course, speed and closest point of approach (CPA), thereby knowing if there is a danger of collision with the other ship or landmass. Development of ARPA started after the accident when the Italian liner SS  Andrea Doria collided in dense fog and sank off the east coast of the United States. ARPA radars started to emerge in the 1960s and, with the development of microelectronics. The first commercially available ARPA was delivered to the cargo liner MV Taimyr in 1969
What is the eligibility factor to do ARPA?
All Officers holding Radar Observer Course (ROC).
ROC and ARPA can be done separately?
No, It has to be done in continuity first ROC and then ARPA and in continues dates.
Is there any stationary to be brought by the student to attend the ROC and ARPA class?
Shipborne Radar by Capt. Subramaniam (Book)  Parallel Ruler or Roler Compass Divider Protractor Pencil Eraser
Is the Ablesea man is eligible to undergo SFU course without having NCV course completion  certificate and will produce the same before the course completion.
No, the student is not eligible to undergo the SFU course . For undergoing the same he needs to hold a NCV course completion certificate or a letter from MMD mentioning that he could   undergo the SFU course without holding the NCV certificate.
For ECDIS Course what equipment is used?
Transas equipment is used for ECDIS Course.
Who is 2nd Mate and what is his/her role?
A second mate (2/M) or second officer is a licensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship. The second mate is the third in command (or on some ocean liners fourth) and a Watchkeeping officer, customarily the ship's navigator. Other duties vary, but the second mate is often the medical officer [1] and in charge of maintaining distress signaling equipment. On oil tankers, the second mate usually assists the chief mate with the tank-cleaning operations. Three fundamental duties: to navigate the ship, to safely avoid traffic, and to respond to emergencies.                       He must enforce all applicable regulations, such as safety of life at sea and pollution regulations. In port, the watch focuses on duties such as cargo operations, fire and security watches, monitoring communications, and the anchor or mooring lines.
What is the eligibility to become a 2nd Mate.
One must have been a Third Mate and have at least 360 days of service while holding that license. Third mates who attained their licenses after the implementation of STCW 95 have passed all the examination topics required for the second mate's license, and can automatically claim the second mate's license after documenting the required service.
Difference between Chief Mate phase I and Chief Mate phase II?
Its just the no of months of sea experience the posses ; for example the Phase  I, the person should have worked as 2nd Mate  along with the 9 months sea service experience and for Phase II the person should be having 18 months sea experience /or should have worked as first mate.
Can a student attend Phase II Course without clearing his Phase I Exams?
The student can attend PH2 course without clearing his PH-I Exams
For Class IV exam whether a candidate has to do ERS or ERSM Course?
For class 4 exam Has to do only ERS Course.
Candidate who is a 2nd Officer and getting promoted as Chief Officer. He has  completed STSDSD Course, is SSO course compulsory for him?
STSDSD is mandatory for Operational level hence he is not required to do SSO Course.
What name the DD to be taken for booking the courses?
It should be in the name of HIMT payable at Chennai. For special batches it will be different.
Is it enough to send the scanned copy of DD to book a course?
Yes, provided the original DD should reach the institute within 48 hours of registration. Else registration will get cancelled.
What is the procedure to shift from one batch to other?
Based on the availability shifting is allowed provided the student need to bare the 10% of course fee if within 6 months and if more than 6 months and less than 1 year 20% of course fee
What is the validity of the shifting?
After booking of any course, the student where allowed to do shifting within 6 months from course booked date(Except ROC and ARPA)
Do HIMT provide sponsorship for any of the course?
No, it will not.
What is the procedure for the cancellation of any course?
Candidates are requested to ensure and finalize their program before booking a course. If by any means a candidate is unable to undergo the course on the stipulated date, the same can be shifted to any future date as per the availability with in the financial year. A shifting charge of 10% of the course fee is applicable towards shifting one or more courses not exceeding 6 months failing which 20% of the course fees shall be applicable for a maximum period of 12 months. (Interchange of course or Interchange of names is not permissible) In case a candidate wants to shift to higher course fees batch, then he need to pay the difference in fees also. In case a candidate wants to cancel any course booked, the same need to be requested through a written application with a valid reason (substantiated with proof) to the management. Kindly note that the approving the cancellation is at the sole discretion of the management. The following policy will be applicable for cancellation:- Prior one month of commencement of course - 75 % of the fee will be refunded Within 15 to 30 days of commencement of course - 50 % of the fee will be refunded Within 14 days and upto 3 days of commencement of course - 25 % of the fee will be refunded Within 72 hrs of commencement of course - No refund, the fees paid forfeited. The Refund amount will be issued only through online payment to the Candidate's account. Refunds are not applicable to the course that has been carried forward by shifting to the alternative dates. Receipt in original to be surrendered for refund upon which refund shall be processed in 7-10 working days. NO REFUNDS will be processed without original receipt. Duplicate receipts will be issued by remitting Rs.500 per receipt.
What is TUG master license and what is the procedure to do?
To get the TUG master certificate the person has to complete the below courses (PSCRB, AFF, MFA, ROS, ARPA, GMDSS) Note: The candidates need to confirm the same with MMD before booking for the Course.
What if a candidate missed to attend the practical and theory?
The student needs to pay 10% for the theory and 20% for the Practical session the course fees (per day x 10%)
What if the student needs to shift from one batch to other batch?
Based on the availability shifting is allowed provided the student need to bare the 10% of course fee if within 6 months and if more than 6 months and less than 1 year 20% of course fee
How many times can shifting be done in six months duration?
Candidates are requested to ensure and finalize their program before booking a course. If by any means a candidate is unable to undergo the course on the stipulated date, the same can be shifted to any future date as per the availability with in the financial year. A shifting charge of 10% of the course fee is applicable towards shifting one or more courses not exceeding 6 months failing which 20% of the course fees shall be applicable for a maximum period of 12 months. (Interchange of course or Interchange of names is not permissible) In case a candidate wants to shift to higher course fees batch, then he need to pay the difference in fees also.
What is the procedure to apply for duplicate Certificates?
Candidate has to submit the Hard copy of FIR for record with written application along with Stamp size photo for per course Certificate, Cash of Rs. 500/-(For Printout with attestation) per duplicate certificate. For Change in Certificate Rs 1000/- per certificate. The same will be issued In 2 to 3 working day depending on the availability of the authorized signatory.
Are HIMT Advance course certificates accepted in other countries? Specifically Singapore?
Most of the Administrations accept the certificates including Singapore which could be cross   verified with MPA(maritime port authority)Singapore and if it is for UK then MCA.
What is CDC and who will issue the certificate?
C.D.C means a Continuous Discharge Certificate-cum-Seafarer's Identity Document. This document certifies that the person holding this is a seaman  as per The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, as amended 1995. Every seafarer must carry this document while on board, which is also an official and legal record of his sea experience. The master of the vessel signs the document each time a seaman is signed off from the vessel certifying his experience on board. A C.D.C. granted under STCW rules shall be valid for a period of ten years and may be renewed on expiry or within six months prior to date of expiry, on a request from the holder, for a further period up to ten years at a time if the holder is a serving Seamen and his C.D.C. has not been cancelled, withdrawn or suspended under these rules. If the period of validity of CDC of a Seaman expires during the voyage, it shall continue to be valid till the end of the voyage. This is one of the most important documents while a seaman is travelling on board. Even if a person has just this document, they have been called seaman.
For how many years the CDC is valid?
A C.D.C.  granted  under these rules shall be valid for a period of ten years and may be renewed on expiry or within 6 months prior to date of expiry, on a request from the holder,  for  a  further  period  up to  ten years at a time if the holder is a serving Seamen and his C.D.C. has  not  been cancelled, withdrawn or suspended under these rules.
What are the eligibility criteria to obtain the CDC?
Example 1: An applicant for issue of CDC as Deck, Engine and Catering (Saloon) Trainee shall have successfully completed the pre-sea training for ratings / shall have undergone the basic familiarization training from an approved training institute as prescribed under sub-clause (b) of clause (ii) of sub-rule (2) of rule 28 of the Merchant Shipping (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) Rules, 1998. Example 2: A   citizen of India who  is in possession of  a  valid  Certificate  of Competency(CoC)  or  who   has been declared   successful   in   the  final examination  of  the  three   years  B.Sc. (Nautical Science) course approved by the Director General of Shipping  or  who has  been  declared   passed or exempted in Marine Engineer   Officer  Class-II  Part  A  Examination,  is  eligible for issue of  a C.D.C. Example 3: The   Trainee   Marine Engineer, Trainee   Radio   Officers and Deck Cadets, who have completed the prescribed pre-sea training and are eligible to proceed to sea shall also be eligible to apply for issue of CDCs.
What is the Procedure to collect the CDC from MMD?
students of PRE-SEA COURSES will be dispatched by Shipping Office directly to the students residents.
Can a student attend PSF course with Belize CDC and Belize STCW certificates
No, a student cannot attend the course with Belize certificates
With Librarian CDC is a student eligible to undergo ROC/ARPA if he has 24 months Sea service + Adv course).
He can do ROC/ARPA Course.
What is Seaman book?
It is another name of CDC.
What is COC and why and who will issue?
Certificate of Competency (CoC) is issued by Mercantile Marine Department / Directorate General of Shipping (DGS), Government of India
For how many years the CoC is valid?
CoC is revalidated once in 5 years prior expiry by additionally undergoing Upgradation course, Refresher Course as per 2010, Security Training course or Ship Security Officers course along with appropriate sea service i.e atleast 12 months in the case of sailing Engineering officers or Deck Officers or a minimum of at least 3 years in last 5 years in the case of shore experience candidate and has to be re-validated once in 5 years by undergoing the revalidation course, submission of supportive documents mandatory(after passing medical, period of sea service, additional training if required) to enable the holder to qualify for sea service.
If a student wants to do some advance course and he had just applied for CoC,Will he be allowed to do?
Yes, He /She can do the advance course like TASCO/CHEMCO/GASCO provided he submits proof of having passed the MMD Exams- to produce EXN 45
Can a candidate appear for MEO II in India with UK CoC?
With UK COC student cannot appear for MEO II in INDIA
Whether COC is calculated from the course date or submission date?
It is calculated from the course commencement date
What is the sea time requirement to revalidate a combined Steam and Motor COC?
Atleast 1 year seatime is required for the same.
With an expired COC can a person attend MC Course?
A candidate can do any modular course with an expired COC.
Candidate is holding class ll COC whether he is eligible to do APS.
He can do the course if he is holding a COC.
Can a student be allowed to do PH1 with the Srilankan second mate CoC?
No. Candidate holding foreign COC are ineligible for undergoing any DG approved competency courses in India.
With New Zealand COC, is the student is eligible to undergo ECDIS Course?
Yes. He can do the ECDIS course.
After applying for COC, how many days it will take to receive the COC submission mail?
Every Monday as soon as the submission is done at MMD, the confirmation mail  along with the  receipt will be sent to the student.(within 24hrs)
How can I book the EFC course?
Please register the same online our website at www.himtmarine.com or alternatively by Demand Draft (payable at par) in favour of HIMT
Will there be any contact class? If yes, what will be the tentative time for the classes? Is it mandatory to attend the contact classes?
Contact classes are conducted periodically but not mandatory as few candidates may be sailing. Further we also provide GOTO MEETING LINK inorder to facilitate the option of candidates appearing for the online classes conducted at the premises
How will be internal examinations? Will it be online or we have to appear internal examinations in Chennai campus itself?
Internal examinations are submission of assignments and the same are to be submitted to the e-mail which will be intimated once the batch commences.
Understood study materials will be sent to my place. But what about the certificates and other documents which will be required both by me and the institute.  How will those be sent or received?
Study Material will be sent by courier to the address given in the application. As regards the certificate requirement for the course, same could be sent by soft copy by email. As regards course completion certificate, same will be sent by courier on completion of assignments and obtaining pass percentage. In short, all correspondence by email & courier where applicable
For any queries regarding syllabus or documents whom to contact? Will there be any dedicated person for communicating in need?
Once the registration and payment are completed. Course In Charge of EFC course will interact with the candidates of the entire batch via e-mail assigned
Can we get online question and answer session with the professor of relevant subject? Specially to clear any doubt.
Each faculty incharge of respective subject will intimate to each and every candidate and clarifies in case of doubts if any through the course in charge.
Candidate is resident of Sri Lanka OR ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL, whether he can take a course?
On student visa he can do a course
What is INDOS means?
INDos (Indian National Database of Seafarers), is a computerized national database of Indian seafarers which is of use for quick reference by statutory authorities such as Flag State, Port State, Immigration and Employers etc., to prevent the fraudulent issue of certificates. The database includes data like the seafarer's address, photographs, signature, telephone, etc. An INDos number consists of eight alphanumeric characters. Henceforth, no seafarer without an INDos number will be admitted to any course other than a three month pre-sea training course in India.
To get the INDOS what is the procedure?
HIMT provides assistance in getting INDoS number for candidates if required. This facility is extended to only those candidates who do at least one fresh course with us. The documents required for the same are 10th or 12th Mark sheet or Passport copy. Rs 2000 is charged for Indian Resident and Rs 5000  for a foreign national.
For how many years the INDOS is valid?
It is mandatory to create user name and password in Seafarers Registration under E-Governance of DG Shipping Website (www.dgshipping.gov.in) which is more authenticated document and is compulsory of submission of all the applications related to the administration
What if the issued INDOS had a wrong name/other information?
Candidate can Correct the mistake themself in DG Shipping Website.
If a student has done courses with us long back and didnt applied for INDOS but now he wants the same, are we providing them?
No he cannot, as on date he has to do a course with us so that we can apply for his INDOS.
Student who did the course with us and would like to collect the INDOS directly from DG shipping, are they allowed to do so?
Generally soft copy of the INDoS certificate is sent to respective candidates through e-mail in the id confirmed by them at the time of submission of application. Same can be download from HIMT Student Login.
What is our institutes INDOS number?
A candidate works as oil drilling contractor in offshore/works as chief Mechanic in rig. He does not have INDoS no. whether he is applicable to do PSCRB Course?
Minimum of 6 months sea service, PST and INDoS is mandatory for undergoing the PSCRB course.
I cant able to book in online. What is the alternate way to book the course?
If you are not able to do online booking you can take the DD for the course fees and E-mail the scan copy of DD to booking@himtmarine.com. Original DD should reach us within 48hrs. Failed which booking will be cancelled.
What shall I do if amount is deducted from my account and course is not booked / Error page displayed in online booking?
After a successful transaction, if course not booked or you did not get the confirmation page or error page is displayed, check the course details from your student login to know the status of booking. In case you do not find the course details, we apologize for the inconvenience caused while booking. Kindly do another fresh booking to avoid seat non availability. Please write us to booking@himtmarine.com with transaction details to apply for refund. If Extra amount found we will refund the amount.
How to pay using debit/credit card in Online booking?
You can pay using any bank debit/credit card (Any bank Master/visa card) by selecting one of the available payment option. After entering into any one of the gateways, give your debit/credit card asked and proceed for payment.
Candidate has completed his Class II PCT in July 2012, Does in needs to undergo the refresher course.
Yes he has to . As on date for all the seafarers the refresher course for PST, PSCRB, AFF and FPFF is mandatory. Upgradation (Management level)  also is mandatory as he has commenced PCT prior June 2012.
Candidate has done FPFF at Singapore. But he has done AFF, PST, and PSCRB  at HIMT, Is he eligible to do refresher course for all the four at HIMT?
If the prior course done at approved institute he is eligible to undergo the refresher courses.
For a 3rd engineer appearing for Class II exam what are all the courses to be  done?
Candidate has to undergo Class II Preparatory (PCT), ERSM, Upgradation course  and STSDSD.
Is the revalidation course duration 6 days for 3rd engineer?
If he completed his Class II preparatory (PCT) course after June 2012 he has to do 6 days course.
What if a student doesnt have watch keeping certificate for revalidation and he want to do the course?
If a student dont have watch keeping certificate for revalidation course, than he has to get it from the company he worked for.(Company letter mentioning his experience on watch keeping)
When is appropriate time to do the revalidation?
Revalidation course can be done before or after the expiry of the COC (maximum time after expiry is 6 months)
What is the duration of the course to do RM Up gradation for the below personnels (as per STCW2010)?
For NCV / 2nd Mate they need to do 5 days For 2nd officer they need to do 8 days  For Chief Officer and Master they need to do 12 days
What certificates we need to provide for doing REO and updated the same with MMD Chennai?
We need to collect the below mentioned details:- - Photocopy of COC- 2  Copies - Photocopy of INDOS Certificate- 2 copies           - Photocopy of Passport (in colour) - 2 copies  (Front and back side)  - Photocopy of CDC  (relevant Pages) -  2  copies 35mm x 35 mm size Colour Photographs- 5 numbers. - Original Medical Fitness certificate as per ILO Standards by DGS Approved Doctor.           - Photocopy of all advance course certificates - 2 copies           - Photocopy of the Revalidation Course  -  2 copies -Service Letter from the company/Local agent (with RPSL No.)in original             showing a proof of having sailed for atleast 12 months in previous 5 years             as per the following format In the case of Engineering officers holding COC below the rank of CE, copies  of Watch keeping certificates pertaining to the sea service is also to be enclosed. name in the COC should be as same as in the Passport / CDC and if it is  different an Affidavit has to be obtained from the Notary Public on a Non- Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.20/- confirming that the name in the COC as well as in the passport /CDC  are one and the same.  This is also applicable to the candidates having 2 different place of birth in the CDC and Passport.
If a candidate has take a REO package whether the validation period is for 5yrs or unto 2016 only?
Validity of COC issued by Engine Department of MMD is valid for 5 years provided if the candidate has undergone 2 days Refresher course, 11 days or 6 days upgradation course as applicable for class IV / class I / Class II engineers and STSDSD or SSO
If student wants to do Revalidation course only PSCRB and AFF is it possible?
Ref course can be done only in package that is PSCRB+PST+AFF+FPFF if they  want to do only AFF + PSCRB the course fee  will be charges as package, because as per DGS TRG circular 2 of 2012 and 12 of 2012 all 4 courses  upgradation courses are mandatory.  However a candidate can do FPFF and PST upgradation alone.
Whether RMFA comes under MLC 2006?
Yes, its under MLC 2006
Candidate has done REO package in Aug'2012. He wants to submit now at MMD for COC submission. Whether he can do submission through us.
If he has done Revalidation course with HIMT then he can do COC submission  by paying 5000 with all  relevant documents prior Saturdays before 11 AM which in turn will be processed to MMD on Monday morning.
Whether MC is included in Masters Revalidation Course?
Masters Upgradation course undergone prior Jan 2012 needs to undergo Medicare Refresher as well as SSO Refresher course inorder to meet 2010 convention requirement. On the other hand if a candidate has undergon SSO after 1st Jan 2013 which is 2010 convention, he need not undergo SSO Refresher course.
What is the breakup for BOSEIT course?
A combination of 4 courses - HUET and 3 Safety (EFA / PST / FPFF) course
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