( P Jayakrishna)

After finishing the cargo work, the ship sailed out. Around 1800 hrs No.3 ‘hold bilge high level’ alarm came and chief officer was informed of this. In that ship, the alarms often come and most of the time it will be false alarm. The sea was rough and since the vessel was rolling and pitching, chief officer thought that this also may be a false alarm.

After sometime the alarm went off.In the morning when the cadet took sounding, he found water in the no. 3 hold and informed chief officer. The hatch was opened up and found cargo damaged and also the hold having too much of water.On investigation, found that the No.3 DB tank man hole door got damaged during the cargo work and the partly left over water (unpumped) from No. 3 DB had come into the hatch.

Lesson learnt :

it should be understood, that the alarms are not to be neglected. Also the deballasting operations should be carried out properly. Check that after the cargo work is over, the ship’s equipments and accessories are not damaged.
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