Pradeep G Prabhu, C/E

Ship arriving Houston, USAThe owners and the ship agents were informed regarding the requirement for sludge disposal ashore.On arrival mooring, sludge barge person approached and took all the details regarding the quantity, pump capacity etc from C/ESince the quantity can be taken on one truck, the person in charge went out and brought the truck in the evening. The truck was checked thoroughly for the residue inside, truck gauge glass etc, found satisfactory. There was only one compartment in the truck and the gauge glass was working ok. Ship shore check list was filled up and all precautions were taken. Sludge hose was connected and started the disposal.

After one hour, truck man cautioned the ship that already 8m³ has been received in the truck, and he asked the ship to check their sounding. As per ship’s sounding, only 2 m³ had been pumped out. The truck man refused to take the extra 6 m³ on the pretext that his tank is full and he had already received the total quantity. Finally the designated person was informed, and the remaining 6m³ could be pumped out by paying extra cost.

Lesson learnt :

proper inspection to be done for the external trucks as such deceiving will take place. Do not accept the truck driver’s word regarding the condition of the tank.
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