Auxiliary Engine was YANMAR make without indicator cocks. Only the decompression lever was provided. The vessel anchored, and after anchoring, this particular auxiliary engine was off loaded and stopped. After about 2 hrs, the engine was restarted, but engine found not turning. Tried to turn the engine by turning the fly wheel, but found very hard.

The fuel injectors were taken out, and on inspection found the fuel had collected on top of piston in 3 units. All cleared and the engine started without any problem. The vessel was berthed and on berthing, this engine was stopped and the crankcase inspection was carried out. Found one unit liner bottom had got chipped off and the connecting rod found bent. Luckily there was no crankcase explosion. The liner and the connecting rod were replaced from spares.

The analysis:

the incident happened, because the fuel pump O – rings were leaking and fuel return line non return ball valve was not holding. Fuel dripped onto the top of thepiston top. Because of the hydraulic shock on restarting, the connecting rod bent and had chipped off the liner.

( Mr J Sivakumar)
hindustan institute of marine training chennai