The vessel was a bulk carrier, anchored at Suez Canal for bunkering. During the bunkering time, the duty engineer was given the work of removing the sounding rod that got stuck up in the ME LO sump sounding pipe. Other engineers including C/E were busy in bunkering. The pipe was taken out from the flange, the stuck rod was removed and the pipe was boxed back. When the bunkers were over, the ship started moving, and at half ahead speed, the oil mist detector alarm sounded and the speed automatically reduced to slow ahead speed. On investigation, found the LO sump level is coming up and also the LO was contaminated with SW. The main engine was stopped and the LO was subjected to purification for nearly 36 hours, and on improvement of the LO condition, the vessel proceeded. On removing the pipe again, it was found that the gasket got damaged, same replaced.
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