Vessel was due for drydock and the company requested MMD for three month’s extension. MMD wanted to underwater survey before sanctioning the extension. The vessel was to be taken to the inner anchorage for this underwater survey. Normally the movements inside the port is done with the help of pilots only. Master informed the pilot controls that he can take the vessel to the inner anchorage without the help of the pilot. Wind was strong, webbing tide and there were shallow patches near the jetty. The vessel has to turn around and proceed. Vessel was starboard side alongside, and the wind was from port quarter. Vessel was cast off and tried to turn around, but took more time to turn. Due to strong winds, the vessel drifted towards the patches and ran aground by way of port side midship. The list was one degree and slowly it started increasing. Master informed pilot control about the situation, tugs assistance was called and pilot boarded the vessel and the vessel was berthed in the same jetty. All tank soundings checked and found satisfactory, the vessel was shifted to inner anchorage. Underwater survey was carried out and found everything is satisfactory.

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