After taking over charge as second engineer on inspecting the fire fighting appliances on board, I found diesel engine driven fire pump – Engine unable to crank by hand. On opening the cylinder head found water accumulated on the piston top and area rusted.

On inspection of exhaust pipe found the L. bend fitted on the exhaust pipe top point, rusted, eroded with an elongated hole. This emergency fire pump was installed in the fwd on main deck with the exhaust pipe extended above upper deck plate. Normal water wasting of deck plates where done using water jet by deck sea man, while doing so water might have entered into the engine through the rusted & elongated hole of the L-bend (exh.pipe) and had rusted the piston top & jammed the piston and the cylinder liner main cause being – decompressing lever was in open position.

Engine was completely overhauled, tried out, and notice displayed to keep the decompression lever closed after trying out operation. Also a new exhaust pipe was fabricated and replaced.
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