I here by would like to discuss case of pure over confidence and take of responsibility.

On board our ship while bunkering the scupper plug’s were not in place, and we were taking maximum bunker’s. All were going smooth and the final tank was to be filled up. The maximum sounding permissible (90%) was 1.76 m. When the sounding reached 1.70 m, 4/E who was attending to the sounding, informed C/E to stop. But the C/E continued to bunker and told 4/E to stop only at 1.76 m. C/E told 4/E, that he had been sailing in the same ship for many times and that he knows when to stop and added that nothing will happen. By the time 4/E started taking sounding again, he found oil overflowing through the air vent and the oil found its way to the river.

As the vessel was in US Baltimore, you could imagin the later consequences to ship’s staff and the vessel.

Lesson Learnt :

Always exercise caution while bunkering. Such incidents and subsequent embarrassments can be avoided, if persons can give up their complacency and stick to the regulations and procedures.
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