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DGS has issued circular 19 of 2020 for the conduct of virtual classes for competency and pre-sea courses, Order 20 of 2020 for the conduct of courses for issuance of CoPs and Order 24 of 2020 for the Availability of courses for Seafarers including trainee seafarer

Kindly note that all the dates for the virtual classes given are tentative, and are subject to change.

Keeping in view of COVID-19, DGS has taken a pragmatic approach with regards to extension of certificates. A 3 tier approach is followed:
– E- Learning Module
– Virtual class
– Online exit exam

You can find the full circular below

Note :
– For Live Online(Virtual) classes attendance is mandatory.
– You need to have good internet connectivity to attend the live classes.
– The practical session of Virtual Classes to be completed upon normalcy at the campus the course is booked.
– Course Dates are tentative and subject to change as per government order.

To avoid “Digital Fatigue”, candidates are advised to do the following in the breaks:

– Simple warm-up exercises and stretching
– Looking at a distance for a while after you are continuously looking at the monitor,
– Removing the earphones during breaks and taking a walk.
Click here for a detailed Risk Assessment for Health and safety for online classes.

DGS Order 19 of 2020

DGS Order 20 of 2020

MS Notice 13 of 2020

DGS Order 36 of 2020