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  • Candidates applying for this course must be ELO/ETOs or Marine Engineers.


  • The DP (Dynamic Positioning) courses are offered on the latest Kongsberg simulator K-Sim DP Class B simulator and K-Pos Class C simulator. Accredited by Nautical Institute, UK. Objectives of the DP Maintenance Course · To define Dynamic Positioning (DP) and understand the basic operating principle /history & evolution of Dynamic Positioning. · The course provides understanding of how to operate and maintain DP System. · To be familiarized with the components of the DP system, which include DP Operator, Computer control, Operating station (MMI), Thrusters and propellers, heading reference system, Position reference system, Sensors and Power system. · This Training Course includes: System hardware, location of hardware components, system fault-finding, troubleshooting, network diagnostics, controller configuration, and maintenance. · To be familiarized with the concepts / maintenance routines , different types of Position reference systems , used in the DP system, including DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System), DGNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Hydro-acoustic Position Reference (HPR) System, ARTEMIS, Taut Wire Position Reference System, Laser Reference Systems and Radius/Rada-Scan (FM Radio) Reference System, and to understand the different types of Environmental sensors used in the DP system including,Gyro,wind sensors (anemometer) and motion sensors. · To understand the Advantages, Disadvantages and “Redundancy” in the DP system. · The concept of various types of DP systems. i.e. Basic & Integrated and their sub types and to understand the Equipment Class of DP · Understanding the Mathematical Model, Kalman Filter, Pooling , Voting methods and FMECA concepts. · To Understand & maintain the different types of Thrusters and Propeller Control systems that may be found in DP vessels. · To understand Power Management System, Distribution systems / UPS, maintenance & fault finding onboard DP vessels. · To understand SPU components, including PLC, communication modules, I/O port & special components. · To understand Networking layout, System interface, various I/O ports and system troubleshooting ( Alarms recognition, UPS, DP console, sensors, Trending & log files) · To maintain / update / backup of DP system software · To understand the different Control Modes available in the DP system, including Joystick mode, Auto Position, Auto Pilot mode, Follow Target mode and Auto-Track mode. · To understand factors that may lead to DP incidents (discussion of DP incidents / case studies) Non DGS Approved Course. Demand Draft drawn in favour of "HIMT OFFSHORE" payable at Chennai Course fees is Inclusive of GST.